Patricio Orozco BEM

Throughout my career, I have fostered connections between communities, institutions, governments, and artists.

I have organized over 40 festivals in Latin America, along with numerous art exhibitions, concerts, screenings, and workshops. These events have taken place in a wide array of venues, including cathedrals, public squares, historical monuments, old factories, theatres, football stadiums, cultural centres, libraries, and more.

Serving as the president of the Romeo Foundation has provided me with the opportunity to establish art education programs in shanty towns, catering to children and the elderly. These initiatives serve as unique spaces for fostering creativity, facilitating the exchange of ideas, and promoting communication between different generations and communities.

Throughout the years, I have led teams consisting of professionals and volunteers, cultivating an environment that values respect for others, dedication to work, and the inclusion of marginalized groups.

This is a brief overview of my career.



I have translated and directed over 20 plays, including notable works such as Hamlet, Richard III, Macbeth, and Antony and Cleopatra. Additionally, I had the privilege of presenting Cardenio, Shakespeare’s lost play, for the first time in Latin America.  You can take a look at these plays clicking here.

In 2019, I authored and directed a distinctive performance titled «Shakespeare’s Women» in collaboration with the Uruguayan Symphonic Orchestra.

Furthermore, my recent production of Hamlet in Argentina garnered significant attention, boasting the highest number of consecutive sold-out shows in 2018.

I founded Próspero Producciones in 2011, and created, directed and produced more than 40 festivals. Around 600.000 people attended them. Some of these festivals were: Festival Shakespeare Buenos Aires, Festival Beckett Buenos Aires, Festival del Humor de Buenos Aires, Festival Shakespeare Uruguay, Festival Shakespeare en la Escuela.

The Festival Shakespeare Buenos Aires is the first and only festival of it’s kind in Latin America.

I built the 1st Pop-up Elizabethan theatre for 1500 people called «Shakespeare Theatre». Between 2013 and 2014 more than 100 performances attended by 100.000 people approx. Link to Teatro Shakespeare.

In my capacity as a painter, I was awarded a scholarship by the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Argentina in 2004. Subsequently, I had the opportunity to showcase my artwork at esteemed venues such as the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Anexo Alsina), the North American Institute of Culture in Buenos Aires, and Carlos Regazzoni’s art gallery in Paris, France.

In 2019, I founded Yorick Entertainment in London, a pivotal step in my cinematic journey. My company has driven successful TV shows, notably the series «From The West End,» which was broadcast by AMC America and showcased as in-flight content on numerous airlines worldwide, reaching an impressive viewership of 170 million people.

My documentary works have been nominated for the prestigious Martin Fierro awards in Latin America. Recently, I directed the documentary «Shakespeare’s First Folio,» which was selected by TVF for worldwide distribution and by Sky Arts.


Marketing and communication:

In 1996 I founded «Comunicación Global» marketing and communication consultants. For more than 20 years we have been working for hundreds of educational and sports institutions from Argentina, Uruguay and Spain.

I worked with Argentina’s national Rugby Team «Los Pumas» at the Argentinian Rugby Union as an external collaborator on test matches and the Rugby Championship between 2012-14. I produced entertainment at the half time shows and the VIP hospitalities in the test matches against England, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Stade Francaise Paris. 

Between 2016-2019 I was senior consultant on production at the Sistema Federal de Medios y Contenidos Públicos in Argentina. Assist the head of the cabinet of ministers in everything inherent in cultural matters.


Writing – Journalism:

As a theatre critic I worked at FM 95.5 Rock&Pop (2005-2007) and collaborated with «Quid Magazine» (2006-2010) in Argentina.

I wrote Samuel Beckett´s first biography in Spanish language, published by the National Theatre Institute in Argentina.

I translated and published into Spanish «Manga Shakespeare», comic edited by Self Made Hero, United Kingdom.

I have written articles for newspapers such as La Nacion, Clarin, Pagina 12 and Diario Perfil.


Since 2010 I have given workshops and conferences at Université Sorbonne & Ecole Normale Superieure (París), Gdansk University (Poland), Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), among others.


Fundacion Romeo:

As the founder and honorary president of Fundacion Romeo, I lead successful marketing and fundraising campaigns involving British Embassies in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. We gave scholarships and created educational programs in shantytowns. Every year we give the Premio Shakespeare to a major artist or scholar. Judi Dench, Harold Bloom, Peter Brook, Kenneth Branagh, received the award, among others.You can check our website by clicking here and our YouTube Channel by clicking here.


Awards & nominations

Member of the Order of the British Empire Medal, given by Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom. (2019)

Outstanding cultural achievement: Distinguished by the Buenos Aires City Parliament. (2019)

Teatro del Mundo Award given by the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2007, 2015, 2018)

María Guerrero Award given by Cervantes National Theatre, Argentina. (2010)

Scholarship for young artists given by Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Argentina. (2004)

Best TV Show and Podcast «Norma en la Nube» – Nominated to the Martín Fierro Award. (2021)


Conferences and workshops

Fundación Romeo Workshops 2020-2022

British Art Centre Buenos Aires – 2018: «Shakespeare Seminar».

Feredal University of Santa Catarina,  Brazil –  2017: Conferencia «Beckett in Argentina»  Irish Theatrical Diaspora.

Jockey Club de Buenos Aires – 2016:  «Shakespeare and Cervantes».

Universidad de Buenos Aires – 2016: ” Beckett in Argentina”.

Universidad Di Tella, Buenos Aires – 2015: «Shakespeare 450».

Escuela Shakespeare Argentina – 2014:  «Richard III».

Université Sorbonne – Paris – 2014: «Shakespeare 450».

Festival Shakespeare Buenos Aires – 2012:  Master class with Stanley Gontarski y Penny Cherns.

Festival Beckett Buenos Aires – 2011:  Workshop for directors.

Gdansk University – Gdansk, Poland –  2010:  «Beckett in Latin America».

Ecole Normale Superieure – París, Francia – 2010: “Beckett-Between”.



Festival Shakespeare Buenos Aires

Festival Shakespeare en la Escuela

Teatro Shakespeare

Festival Beckett Buenos Aires

Festival del Humor de Buenos Aires – World record of 24h uninterrupted outdoor stand up shows in Buenos Aires (2014).

Fundación Romeo www.fundació

Comunicación Global consultant in educational & sport marketing and communication (Director 1996-2017).