Norma Aleandro, a true icon of the Río de la Plata theater scene, reads «Venus and Adonis,» the first great literary success by William Shakespeare published in 1593.

The plot is based on passages from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. It is a complex and kaleidoscopic work that uses constantly changing tones and perspectives to present contrasting views on the nature of love.

In this first part, we find that while Adonis prepares for hunting, Venus, «trapped in her sweaty palm,» throws herself at him (with the intention of having sexual relations). It is then mentioned that «he lies panting and breathing on her face,» while Venus tells him, «dare to play, our sport is not in plain sight.» She persuades him to kiss her, but Adonis is not very interested, thinking he is too young and only caring about hunting.

This performance was presented in 2015 at La Usina del Arte (Buenos Aires) and Teatro Solís (Montevideo).