«One day… anything could happen… One day… a crime could be committed.»

A psychological thriller that delves into deception, passion, and madness. Two psychoanalysts. A married couple. And madness in between. The story begins when Diana’s psychoanalyst visits Carlos’ psychoanalyst to prevent a crime from happening. Thus, the history of each doctor and their patient is reconstructed, revealing a progressive and growing influence of the patients on the doctors, reversing roles and uncovering an increasingly… delirious and criminal plot.

Author: Javier Daulte

Cast: Graduates of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art.

This play was presented in Paris in 2004. It was performed at the Atelier «El Gato Viejo» by artist Carlos Regazzoni.

The play participated in the Nuit Blanche in October 2004.