The two short plays by Beckett that had never been previously staged in Buenos Aires, «Footfalls» (Pasos) and «Ohio Impromptu,» were presented in a joint production called «Beckett Impromptu» in 2006.

In the first play, the leading role is performed by the distinguished actress María Comesaña, and in the second play, another prestigious actor returning to the stage, Duilio Marcio. Both figures are directed by Patricio Orozco, one of the directors of the 1st Beckett Festival, which celebrates the centenary of the birth of the poet, novelist, and prominent playwright of the Theatre of the Absurd.

This production premiered on the opening night of the 1st Beckett Buenos Aires Festival in May 2006 at the Beckett Theatre.


Footfalls (Pasos): María Comesaña.

Ohio Impromptu: Duilio Marzio y Domingo Basile.

Vestuario: Mini Zuccheri.

Fotografía: Oscar Balducci.

Peinados: Ricardo Fasan.

Audio: Inaudito.

Prensa: Flavia Salvatierra.

Teatro: Beckett Teatro – Buenos Aires.



For his work in this play, actor Duilio Marzio received a nomination for «Best Off-Broadway Actor» at the 2006 ACE Awards.





«… en las representaciones que conduce Patricio Orozco se da un nivel de juego muy atractivo para el espectador… Orozco consigue extraer de ambos textos una teatralidad muy rica y, sobre todo, de una poesía muy vital.»

Carlos Pacheco, diario La Nación.