A director with dubious training and background is invited to give a seminar and stage a play by a group of enthusiastic actors from the countryside.

The play to be performed is «El expulsado» (The Expelled) by Samuel Beckett. Oh… poor Beckett.

Here’s a show that brings together the expelled of different sexes, sizes, and colors. Some want to enter and try swimming against the current. Others let themselves be carried away by the vicissitudes of destiny without resistance.

A comedy, yes, a somewhat dramatic comedy.

Premiered on November 26, 2010, at Teatro La Carpintería, Buenos Aires.

Cast: Romina Soler, Florencio Laborda, and Rubén Parisi.

Playwright and Director: Patricio Orozco.


«A fun, dynamic, and multifaceted play that mocks the best and worst of those who are part of it. We see the most traditional absurdity, executed just as Beckett would understand it, to disorient us from the usual functioning of the world and our place in it.»

Cecilia Mel for El Leedor.

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