It is a show that invites the audience to experience the tragedy, immersing themselves in its plot and becoming participants in one of the bloodiest stories written by William Shakespeare.

The ambition for power of the Macbeth marriage unleashes the witches’ prophecies and envelops the spectators in a whirlwind of violence, passion, and rock.

In this way, each viewer will personally experience the battles, murders, celebrations, the rise to the throne, and the fall of a tyrant.

Patricio Orozco’s adaptation does not have an identifiable historical period. The characters use swords, text messages, wooden shields, and media statements to achieve their goals. There is a constant interplay of languages, including aerial theater in partnership with Fuerza Bruta members, video art, and poetry, accompanied by music from AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Manu Chao, among others, complemented by the striking costume design proposed by Verónica De La Canal.

Written by: William Shakespeare

Direction, adaptation and translation:
 Patricio Orozco

Cristina Pérez
Giancarlo Pia Mangione
Oscar Brizuela
Florencio Laborda
Gonzalo Jordan
Arturo Bustos Berrondo
Agustín Maradei
Pablo Contartese
Joaquina Serra
Sabrina Sansone
Catalina Rey
Brian Vainberg trío
Verónica De La Canal

Costume design: Verónica De La Canal
Video operator: Manuel Burak
Video production: Sebastián Tolosa – Maxi Ricciardi – Manuel Burak
Aereal choreography: Joaquina Serra
LIght and sound design: Fernando Bianchi
Photography: Tadeo Jones
Graphic design: Comunicación Global
Props: Martín Angiolillo
Production: Próspero Producciones
Head of production: Juan Martín Adúriz
Press agent: SMW

Premiered in 20129 in Teatro Dante in Buenos Aires.