England is divided. The houses of Lancaster and York are disputing the legitimacy of the succession to the crown. Internal wars, betrayals, and assassinations create moments of unease among the population. It is necessary for these two families to unite and agree on a single king of England. It is in this context that Richard orchestrates all his resources according to a sinister and Machiavellian plan where death will pave his way to the English crown. This deformed, hypocritical, and manipulative monster will not hesitate to present himself to the public in a gallant, respectful, and extremely charming manner to fulfill his objective. Richard III tells the story of the cruelest, most immoral, charismatic, and amusing villain ever written. How can we feel sympathy for such a vile and despicable being? With Shakespeare, anything is possible.

Cast: Gabriel Goity, María Comesaña, Susana Cart, Cristina Pérez, Ariadna Asturzzi, Sebastián Pajoni, Fabio Aste, Eduardo Calvo, Claudio Mariuzzi, Fabián Arenillas y gran elenco.

Direction, adaptation and translation: Patricio Orozco

Costume design: Verónica de la Canal – Aníbal Duarte

FX: Piromanía

Stage design: Rosa Cohen

Light design: Patricio Orozco

Production: Juan Martín Aduriz, Manuel Burak, Renata Pulido Francani.