This show combines two unpublished works in the Buenos Aires theater scene.

It was presented as a semi-staged performance at Teatro El Extranjero on November 19, 2011, as part of the VI Beckett Buenos Aires Festival.

Performer: Salo Pasik Translation and direction: Patricio Orozco


«That Time» or «Aquella vez»

A play where the headless body of a man hears the voices of his childhood, maturity, and old age, which besiege him in the form of memories. His eyes open and close intermittently until the voice of old age dominates over the others, and he realizes that life has passed him by.

This is one of the most lyrical and moving works that Beckett wrote. With it, he attempts to clarify the complexity of his relationship with each member of his family, with the intention of laying his past to rest.


A text signed by Suzanne Dumesnil (Samuel Beckett’s wife) and published in the magazine Transition on January 15, 1949.

The story goes that in reality, this tale was written by Beckett, but since the magazine Transition published absolutely everything he sent them, Beckett (with some shyness and humility) asked his wife Suzanne to do him the favor of signing the text as her own to avoid monopolizing the magazine with his own works. That’s how Beckett was, always more concerned about his publishers than personal acclaim.

The story immerses itself in a typical Beckettian landscape, a country road, and two strangers who will mysteriously meet and part ways. Humor, irony, wordplay, and the encounter with another living soul who comes to share the road for a while.